Men's post-shaving grooming tips

Even if you’ve been shaving for as long as you can remember, the shaving run-down you picked up from your dad or big brother probably didn’t include tips on how to care for your skin post-shave. So now is your chance to bring your shaving routine in 2016.

Razor burn, spots, bumps and dry skin are common results from shaving as it is a form of exfoliation. Following are a few tips to prevent skin irritation post- shave. We’re here to help you fine-tune your skincare routine.


Rinse your face with cold water

Once you’re done shaving, you should always rinse your face with cold water to remove any remaining shaving cream. Skip this step and your skin will become dehydrated, which is one of the major causes of dull, flaky skin and premature ageing. When you shave, you’re opening your pores so the cold water helps close them then use a soft clean towel to pat (don’t rub!) dry.


Use a moisturiser to soothe and protect skin from irritation

Applying a moisturiser can relieve any irritation and reduce any possible sting caused by the razor. Make sure to wait a few minutes for your skin to recover from shaving and then add a moisturiser to soothe and revitalise your skin. A product like HealGel Intensive can soothe and protect skin from irritation, dryness and razor burn.

This skin rescue formula cools and conditions the skin as it relieves sensitivity after shaving. It’s loaded with Arnica, which targets skin inflammation, and madecassoside, which helps reduce redness and skin sensitivity. Learn more about HealGel Intensive and its powerful skin repair ingredients.

To use, simply apply a small amount on dry skin and gently massage it until it’s fully absorbed into the skin. You can use HealGel Intensive every day to help keep post-shaving spots, bumps and skin irritation at bay.


Avoid aftershaves containing alcohol

Try not to expose your skin to anything irritating immediately after shaving. This includes aftershave lotions and cologne high in alcohol. These products will dry the skin, which could cause further irritation on exposed skin.


Toss that old razor

It’s not so much about the brand of the blade you use, but more about the state it’s in. If the blades tug at your hairs, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to let go. A dull blade can cause cuts, razor burns and ingrown hairs. It can also cause redness and irritation so make sure to replace your blade the moment you feel it’s not performing properly. The length of time you can use a razor blade for also depends on the thickness of the hair, thin hair may be able to get away with using a razor a few more times than someone with thick hair. Always remember to wash and cover your razor after use to avoid the spread of bacteria.


Don’t over shave

Your skin can take only so much. Shaving too much can cause skin irritation, rashes and razor burn. Make sure you leave your skin to breathe once in a while so it also has time to regenerate.

Shaving is a form of exfoliation, it removes dead skin cells from the skins surface exposing fresh skin underneath. It is important to take care of new skin, over exfoliating or shaving can lead to increased sensitivity and a weakened skin barrier meaning your skin is less equipped to deal with pollution and our daily routines.

We hope this article helped. Tweet us your post-shaving tips at @HealGel.


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