Party Prep Tips

Our 2 Top Beauty Tips for the festive season, an Intense preparation & repair treatment and your answer for tired Eyes …

TIP 1.


We all know that late nights, alcohol and festive treats can wreak havoc on the skin. For example, alcohol steals the good (hydration) and leaves you with the bad (dryness, redness). When your skin is dry, it’s much more likely to wrinkle and give your skin a slightly grey appearance. But fear not, HealGel Intensive is the perfect treatment to help you prepare your skin and prevent this from happening, as it;

  • Protects, the skin from harsh chemicals, such as those found in the make-up that we merrily plaster on our face for those Christmas Parties.
  • Repairs, the skin from breakouts and blemishes triggered by alcohol and sugary treats. It really helps by reducing any redness or inflammation so that you are picture perfect for your next work do.
  • Soothes, dry and irritated skin which has resulted from dehydration due to lack of sleep and one too many glasses of bubbly.  

How do I use HealGel Intensive as a treatment?

Simply apply a generous amount of this non-oily, cooling aqueous gel and message the product into the skin using a circular motion, focusing on the T-zone and avoiding the eye area. And Voila! No need to rinse, just allow the product to get to work and provide that added barrier. Also aside from leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated without feeling heavy, it can also help with a variety of complexion complains from scars and eczema to irritated skin.

TIP 2.


No matter how great your skin looks, a dull, dark and puffy eye area is ALWAYS a giveaway that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends! So, before a party, make sure you prepare this delicate area by using HealGel Eye as Bazaar calls it, “The hydrator”. This lightweight and easily absorbed gel, leaves the skin smooth and ready to receive concealer. Plus, it can enhance the pigments in your eyeshadow. Not only makes for the perfect primer for your eye make-up, but its active ingredients also help to reduce puffiness and dark shadows to really illuminate the eye area and give you that extra sparkle.

How do I use HealGel Eye?

  • Pump the product on to the back off your hand, a pea size amount will be plenty for both eyes.
  • Then take your ring finger and gently pat the product around your eye socket (imagine your eye is an egg). You can bring the product down to your eye lid if you are using it as a primer.
  • Allow to soak in and get to work.

So with the festive season quickly approaching and all those Christmas parties and events lined up on the calendar, you probably want to ensure you look and feel your best. And if we’ve learnt anything from Bridget Jones it’s that we should know better than to leave everything to the last minute!!

While the festive season may be filled with glitz and glamour, it also comes with late nights and overindulgence. This makes it a bit tricky to keep your skin in tip-top condition for all the parties you’ll be attending.

But don’t fret as these 2 top tips are quick and easy to add to your beauty routine to ensure you leave your dull, tired skin at home and invite your gorgeously healthy, glowing skin to the party.

We’ve always believed that skincare should be straightforward. That’s because the last thing you need to add to your busy schedule is an overly complicated skincare regimen.


Your turn now. If you usually have lots of holiday parties on your calendar, try these beauty tips and tweet your comments @HEALGEL or tag us in your pictures so we can see your results @HealGel.


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