Skincare tips before hitting the slopes

Heading to the mountains this winter? We know this holiday will require some serious suitcase organisation skills in order to cram in all the paraphernalia required!! But if you can make room for one more essential, you can ensure your skin is kept healthy and protected and feeling as fresh as that mountain air… Most people believe that it’s the summer holidays when our skin needs the most protection, but winter breaks can be just as damaging to the skin. Typical skiing conditions including bitterly cold winds, damp air and high altitudes, submit your skin to a plethora of concerns, from sunburns and frostbites, to extreme dehydration.

Why is HealGel Body the go to product for your holiday? Nourishes dry skin

  • The lack of humidity in the air can cause your skin to lose moisture. So to ensure your skin is kept flake-free and hydrated through the cold weather you should use a product which provides intensive moisture.
  • HealGel Body is ideal for weather beaten, dehydrated skin. This soothing gel formula will work wonders on your moisture starved ski skin. Not only does it provide deep hydration but it’s also lightweight and fast-absorbing, which means your skin will feel more comfortable the moment you apply it and requires no standing around getting cold!
Reduces swelling and sore feet
  • Every skier will relate to the feeling of having tired, swollen and sore feet after days of pounding the slopes which can drain the enjoyment from a day’s skiing.
  • The remedy? A good foot massage with HealGel Body. Apply a small amount of the cooling gel and massage your feet to stretch and soothe the muscles, and ingredients such as arnica will get to work and help reduce swelling that causes your feet pain when squeezed back into boots.
Repairs sun damaged skin
  • While it may seem unnatural, sunscreen is as essential to a ski holiday as a pair of ski boots! Just because you’re not on a beach in 30-degree heat, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the sun’s harm. In fact, on a sunny day, the snow can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays, meaning you’re exposed to almost double the UV radiation.
  • But what if you haven’t applied your sunscreen regularly, and you got sunburned? Think of HealGel Body as your sunburn saviour. The cooling gel can not only soothe and reduce redness but can also repair sun damaged skin thanks to its regenerative ingredients.
HealGel Body is also the perfect travel size (100 ml) so you can carry it with you wherever you go, even on short breaks as its hand luggage permitted. And at the new price of only £24.50, you can’t afford to miss out.  Happy skiing!


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