The Science Behind Biodynes

The HealGel range was created by some of the most revered cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons together with the help of a highly acclaimed dermatological biochemist. Their combined decades of research and experience have allowed them to harnesses some cutting edge scientific advances and come up with the finest ingredients to help protect, HEAL and hydrate the skin.

There are FIVE key soothing complexes at work here and one of them is called Biodynes. Read on to find out what they are, which HealGel products you can find them in, and how they can help your skin look and feel amazing.


Biodynes” comes from the Greek words bios (life) and dyne (force). Patented by Dr George Sperti in 1939, Biodynes have the ability to increase oxygen uptake in skin cells, thus stimulating healthy cell growth. Classified by the FDA as a wound healing agent, these substances speed up the healing process of skin cells through the uptake of oxygen, helping to reduce puffy eyes and promoting healthy, clear skin.


The main reasons Biodynes have become so popular is because they can:

  • Increase skin cell recovery.
  • Promote anti-ageing.
  • Boost collagen, to instantly firm and smooth the skin

They work like a skin cell booster. By bringing oxygen to the injured tissue they help the cells to regenerate and the skin to rejuvenate. The healing properties can help with anything from sun burns, scarring, blemishes, damaged skin and puffy eyes.


Biodynes can be found in HealGel Face, Eye and Intensive, these complimentary products help to reduce puffy eyes and to make your skin look younger, fresher, and brighter.

Learn more about the science behind the HealGel products and what other soothing complexes with powerful effects we use to ensure your skin looks amazing.

Have you used any of our HealGel product? We’d love to read your feedback and comments so make sure to tweet us at @HealGel.  


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    The Science Behind Biodynes– HealGel

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