The greatest duos of all time can exist independently of each other, but should they? These are combinations and famous duos whose whole value is greater than the sum of their parts. For instance, you can have cheese (and it will be tasty) and separately you can have macaroni (and it will be curb your hunger), but put them together and boom: macaroni & cheese. These famous food pairings, partners in history, Olympic duos, and artistic duets need each other like fish needs chips. You might even say the following pairs are dynamic duos who should never be separated.

Not only husband and wife, mother and father but they were also President and First Lady of America. Whilst in one of the highest powered and stressful positions in the world they have always shown love, respect and affection and generally had each other’s backs! They undoubtedly give us serious couple goals!

Can you imagine Ant without Dec or Dec without Ant? I think not! This duo have the perfect comedy recipe to make them a British double act cherished and loved by the nation.

There’s nothing more that the British love than getting behind a sporting duo! Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent became rowing legends for their outstanding success in the Olympics. Two of the greatest athletes Britain has ever produced. They also took golds when they were separated - but it is as a team that they will be most remembered.

Are there two more iconic women in music than Mariah Carey and Witney Huston? Obviously these women are astonishing alone but could it get much better then when they came together to perform the duet of ‘when you believe’…!

When it comes to skin care and looking your best there’s not much point having an immaculate complexion if you have stressed looking eyes. That’s why HealGel Intensive and Eye work so well together to rejuvenate a dull complexion and revive tired, puffy eyes to provide you with the perfect combination. Making them the ‘Winning Duo’ for your skin care routine!  ;)


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