HealGel Adds Extra Body To It’s Range

Get your body ready for the summer days with the help of – HealGel Body. It’s no secret that as the sun comes out,
our skin can feel the harsh effects of the warmer weather,
making it dull and lifeless but luckily HealGel Body comes to your rescue to help restore hydration when and where you need it the most.

Scientifically designed HealGel Body is an easily absorbed gel with a delicate spa-fresh scent which works intuitively to gently calm, nurture and restore distressed areas of skin; the ideal cooling and refreshing rescue-formula for skin that has been having a little too much fun in the sun. As well as using HealGel Body, we have our three top summer skin hydration tips to help you keep your skin well hydrated in the coming summer months;

  • Remember to exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin and improve the blood circulation.
  • Drink plenty of water, keeping your skin hydrated is essential in the summer months more so as we tend to lose fluid through sweat.
  • Use your daily moisturiser as a hydrating face mask by applying it onto your face and leaving it for 10 minutes to sink in, this will offer intense hydration to your skin.

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