Put a Spring in your Step with HealGel!

How do you give your skin extra TLC throughout spring? As the temperature (slowly!) increases, there are a few subtle signs our skin shows as it cries out for some extra care and attention. Although we all need a regular burst of vitamin D from the sun, over exposure can lead to a whole host of skin care nightmares. Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause oxidative stress, which causes damage to your skin cells, leading to a break-down of collagen and elastin. This results in the dreaded fine lines and wrinkles settling in! Luckily, HealGel’s hard-working anti-ageing formulas are here to guide you into spring with no (skin) cares in the world! 

Equip your skin care arsenal with our step-changing facial moisturiser, HealGel Face. Formulated to deliver a healthy, smooth and youthful-looking complexion, this hard-working skin care superhero is at your service for the sunny seasons ahead. With its collagen boosting ingredients, HealGel Face will reveal an instantly plumper, firmer and replenished complexion from first use; whilst the exceptional blend of Omega Oils replenish any dry and dehydrated areas, caused by the transitional season.

Ensure radiant looking skin from top-to-toe with our transformative new product, HealGel Body. This soothing, nourishing and regenerative treatment is light enough to be applied daily, and is fantastic after a day of fun in the sun! The cooling and refreshing formula is easily absorbed, delicately scented and works hard to repair any troublesome areas of skin. We have packed it with the finest ingredients, including arnica and madecassoside liposomes, which target distressed areas to provide a calming, regenerative effect, nurturing the skin and helping to retain moisture and a healthy glow throughout the day.

Do you use HealGel products to care for your skin throughout the spring? We’d love to hear your best hints and tips on Facebook or Twitter!